Interview With A Los Angeles Commercial Cleaner

Commercial cleaning is a huge business in the Los Angeles area. Since the city is so large and booming with businesses, tons and tons of commercial cleaners are needed. However, commercial cleaners also tend to be some of the most overlooked workers in all of Los Angeles. In order to remedy that, we’re going to give a voice to one of the best commercial cleaners in the business! Read this brief interview with Georgie, a commercial cleaner, below.

Interviewer: What kind of commercial cleaning do you do?

Georgie: I clean a gym!

Interviewer: What do you usually do while cleaning the gym?

Georgie: I like to listen to podcasts to avoid being bored. Cleaning is mindless. It’s the same job over and over again.

Interviewer: Describe how you clean the gym for us.

Georgie: I clean bathrooms, so I spray the sink and toilet with a bleach solution. I also use the toilet bowl cleaner for the toilet. Then I let that sit there. While it’s sitting there I clean the mirror and the glass doors of the shower. Then I go back and clean the sink, then the toilet, and then I go back and finally finish up with the shower. I pay special attention to the faucets and making sure that they are shiny with no watermarks. I make sure the whole thing is wiped down and dry when I am finished. I wash the whole toilet, from the top of the tank to the bottom of the floor. Special attention is placed on the seat and the handle. I do also wipe off any fixtures, like doorknobs. I also clean off the shelving unit and tidy everything up. I straighten everything up so it looks neat.

Interviewer: What is the worst thing about your job?

Georgie: Cleaning bathrooms can be gross, but it is not horrible. Sometimes my boss doesn’t provide the products at the right time or they are low quality products. This can be frustrating. Sometimes the products are not what I prefer.

Interviewer: What is your favorite part about your job?

Georgie: Getting paid! *laughs* No, no, my favorite part is that it’s flexible. I get to go when it is convenient for me.

Thank you to Georgie for this great interview!