Landing Commercial Cleaning Jobs in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a huge commercial cleaning service. There are a lot of workers in the Los Angeles commercial cleaning industry. There are also a lot of commercial cleaners that come into the business, not really knowing a lot about the industry. New commercial cleaners can struggle a bit with getting a first client. So what does it look like to land your first client as a new commercial cleaner in Los Angeles? That is what we will be talking about in this article.

The first thing a lot of commercial cleaners do is pick up a couple jobs and get their business on some sort of advertising and business site, like LinkedIn or Thumbtack. These two sites will allow people to find the commercial cleaner’s business easily. By picking up a few odd jobs and getting reviews, cleaners can start to build their way into the commercial industry. Having a good reputation will help commercial cleaners land jobs in the commercial industry.

When commercial cleaners land their first real client, it may be a bit stressful at first. Having a client to regularly clean for in Los Angeles can be a much bigger job than many people think it is. Most of the time, clients will show the cleaner around the building that they are cleaning, describing exactly what they want done and showing the cleaner the general layout. Clients may also have a desire for the cleaner to use certain products in certain areas. It is up to the cleaner to pay attention and remember all of this information, which can be a little bit overwhelming for a first time cleaner. This can be very different from the previous jobs that the cleaner picked up to build their reputation. Many house cleaning jobs or one time jobs in the cleaning industry are much more laid back than a regularly scheduled cleaning job is.

After the initial uncomfortableness a new commercial cleaner in Los Angeles may feel, the job will begin to get easier, and the new commercial cleaner will be comfortable working in a fantastic industry!